Name                Frede Nielsen

Address             Roskildevej 11

                         4030 Tune


Year of Birth       1946

Family                Married to Inge

                         Two boys, Michael and Martin

Profession          Electronic engineer

Present Position  Gen. Manager and founder of EAS Sypply,

                         a producer of Anti-shoplifting equipment.


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Professional experience


1972 Graduates - electronic engineer

1972 Employed at STORNO

          Development VHF/UHF equipm.

1975 Employed at DANSK RADIO

          Development RF

1978 Entering the world of EAS

          (Electronic Article Surveillance)

          Starting in development - ending

          as General Manager

1993 Founder of EAS Supply

          Now General Manager in my own


Ham radio experience


Licensed in 1964 as OZ9FW

(License class A)

- - - -

Member of EDR, Danish DX-Group, + + +

DXCC holder since years ago

- - - -

100W on RF

15W on 6m

1KW on 2m

(wkd 49 countries and 359 squares)

1KW on 70cm

(wkd 31 countries and 172 squares)